Use Ctrl + Enter or Shift + Enter to Complete URL

It’s a hassle to type the http://, the www and the .com. Here’s your shortcut method. On browsers, such as IE7 and Firefox, hitting Ctrl + Enter will automatically fill in the www. and the .com part of the URL, and the Shift + Enter – Auto-complete the .net address Let’s see an example:

Lets take an example of, Just type in avoiderrors into the address bar in your browser:

Now hit Shift + Enter together:

You saved yourself 15 keystrokes!

More Keystroke combinations:

  • Ctrl + Enter – Auto-complete *.com address
  • Shift + Enter – Auto-complete *.net address
  • Ctrl + Shift + Enter – Auto-complete *.org address

If you add Alt to any of those key combinations, it will auto-complete and open the new address in a new tab as well. Alt+Ctrl+Enter will auto-complete a *.com address in a new tab, for instance.


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