Get Windows 8 Metro UI Start Screen In Windows 7 Using Metro7

Metro7 is a free app that turns your Windows 7 system into a Metro version of Windows 8. It’s free and it’s super easy to install. Simply download it and run it. It’s simple as that.

After installation, Metro7 can be launched from a shortcut after then the Metro UI appears. The widgets of this UI provide time and date information, access to built-in metro store, and shortcuts to websites like Facebook and Badoo. If you Click on the arrow on the top right-side it displays additional options, which allow you to pin any application as a metro tile, configure application settings and exit the metro interface.

Overall, Metro7 is a good application for emulating the Windows 8 MetroUI style interface on your Windows 7 desktop, however, it still seems to be under construction as some of the widgets simply lead to a blank page and many of the  website shortcuts on the main interface seem to be there to fill the main interface. Metro 7 has been developed for Windows 7.

Download Metro7

Video Tutorial:


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