How to Connect to VirtualBox using Remote Desktop

To Connect to VirtualBox using Remote Desktop VirtualBox software also allows you to connect to your virtual computers through Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Connection. By connecting remotely, users don’t have to be sitting at the host computer to control the virtual machine.

Video Tutorial:

Connect to VirtualBox using Remote Desktop

In this Video Tutorial, we will be connecting remotely from Windows 7 to Windows XP

  1. Go to Control Panel > System > Remote tab. You can also right-click My Computer (if the icon is shown on the desktop) and choose Properties.
  2. Check the Allow Users to Connect Remotely to this Computer box.
  3. Turn off the Windows Virtual Machine to follow the next steps.

Now Enable Remote Display in VirtualBox

  1. Open Sun’s VirtualBox
  2. Select the Operating System
  3. Click on Settings (Gear Icon)
  4. Click on Display on the left pain,them Remote Display Tab
  5. Check the Enable Server box in the right window
  6. Choose a server port number (Generally the default of 3389 will work)
  7. Select an authentication method (Generally the default Null will work)
  8. Leave the timeout at 5000ms
  9. Click OK

Bridge the Network Adapter to assign an IP address from the router to the Virtual Operating System.

  1. Select the Operating System
  2. Click on Settings (Gear Icon)
  3. Click on Network from the left pain
  4. Place a check mark on Enable Network Adapter if is not already selected.
  5. Select Bridged Adapter from the Attached to drop down
  6. Click OK.

Now Restart the Virtual Operating System to verify the new IP address and you should be able to remote access using the new IP via Remote Desktop.


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