Mount a Flash Drive on Your Android Device

If you need to expand your storage your droid device and you don’t have an SD card slot you can do it using a USB stick and a usb otg (on the go) cable.

What you will need:

A rooted android device and 2 apps installed : Stick Mount and Usb Otg Checker.

usb on android 1

First install and run usb otg checker app to check if your phone supports otg cable (if you get an positive result you can go further , if you get an negative one this will not work)

usb on android 2

Plug in the usb otg cable.

usb on android 3

Then plug in the USB on the cable.

Android Device 4

Open an file explorer (we are using Es File Explorer) and in there you will find a folder called usbStorage, open it.

Android Device 5

In there you will see all the contents on your usb drive.

usb on android 6


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