Add Dropbox to the “Send To” Menu in Windows 7 and Vista

This Video tutorial will walk you through adding DropBox to the “Send to” menu, But this is not only for DropBox you can add my picture folder or any folder you like so that you can have an easy link access in the Right Click menu of windows 7 and Vista.

First navigate to the following path by copying the following into the Windows Explorer address bar or the Search box in the Start Menu.


If you have Dropbox under Favorites right-click on the folder and drag it into the Send to folder. If it’s not under your Favorites in Explorer, just drag it to the SendTo folder from whatever directory you have it in.

When you release the folder you’ll have the option to move, copy, or create a shortcut…you can move it there if you want, but we’re going to create a shortcut.

If you have other folders, you can add them to the Send to Menu as well using the same method. in this example we added Dropbox folder.

Now you can right-click on a file or folder and you’ll have the option to send it to your Dropbox folder.

Video Tutorial:


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