How to Make a Basic Bootable Ghost CD

How to Make Basic Bootable Ghost CD easy step by step Video Tutorial. To create a Bootable ghost CD you need to Download and install these four programs:

Microsoft Virtual PC Download
Oracle VirtualBox Download
WinImage Download
UltraIso Download

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Before we create the bootable ghost CD we need to run virtual test first.
1. Go to Download Bootdisk windows 98 OEM to your Desktop.
2. Once in your desktop, Right click to extract here, If an error pops up while extracting, click close. (Don’t mind that error)
3. Double click to open the extracted windows 98, is going to open using WinImage program.
4. in the winImage software you have to re-extract the files to a folder in your desktop by clicking Image,Extract,Browse,then Browse for the location you want Win 98 Boot files to be extracted.
5. Once extracted onto a folder open it Copy the AUTOEXECT.BAT,COMMAND.COM, CONFIG.SYS, IO.SYS, MSDOS.SYS, and RESTART.COM into a Non-bootable folder and also add into the Non-bootable folder the GHOST.EXE from the CD.
6. From the Non-bootable folder Edit the AUTOEXEC.BAT and modify the content as you see below don’t forget to save it.

@echo off
mscdex.exe /d:Ghost /L:X
goto end
echo. ========
echo. AvoidErrors
echo. ========

7. Edit the content of CONFIG.SYS file to this: and save it.

device=oakcdrom.sys /d:Ghost

8. Then open the WinImage software and Copy and paste the content from the non-bootable folder to winImage
9. Click on Image tab then, Click on Boot Sector Propeties select the Windows 95/98 and Click OK
10. Save it as Image in your desktop as non-Bootable Image.
11. Open the Non-bootable image with Oracle Virtual Box.
12. if it doesnt give you any errors. Perfect!!! you have completed the first Half.

Video Tutorial:


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