How to Create a Windows 7 Restore Image

A disk image: is a mirror image of your Hard Drive (a clone of your HDD). Brand name computers use this restore image to restore to factory default settings. In our case we are going to create a restore image to restore to the date we created this Windows 7 Image. This is not a backup.

1. Click on start and search for Backup.

2. Click on Backup abd Restore from the menu.

3. Under Control panel Home click on Create system open the Create system image window.

4. Here under Where do you want to save the backup? select the source destination. On a Hard disk, DVD or Network.

6. I recommend using DVD’s instead of network or Hard drive cause you might not have access to it in case your computer gets a bad virus or crashes.

7. Then Select which drive you want to include in the backup.

8. Here Select System Reserved (System) and your C: Drive (System). If C: drive is your local or main system drive. Click Next.

9. Confirm your backup settings by making sure you are just backing up your System drives, and click on Start Backup.

10. It will walk you thought the process of formatting you DVD’s. click on Format if prompted.

Video Tutorial:


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