How to Delete a Partition on Windows 11

A partition is, to put it simply, a section of your computer’s storage that has been given a drive letter. For a variety of reasons, the majority of PC makers frequently partition the drives of new systems.

But not every Windows user enjoys partitioning their hard disks. You can’t easily remove the system partition since it houses the boot manager and boot configuration data but you can follow some solutions we have posted for you.

Delete a partition using Disk Management

Type Create and format hard disk partition and select Open.

Right-click on the drive you want to delete and select Delete Volume.

Click Yes to continue the Volume Removal.

Delete a partition using DiskPart

Press Win + R to open run dialog.

Type cmd and press Enter.

Type in diskpart and press Enter.

Select Yes if prompted.

Type list disk and press Enter.

Next, type selected disk # and press Enter. Make sure to replace # with the partition number you want to delete.

Press Enter.

Type in delete partition.

When you delete a Partition using Diskpart, all the files saved on it will be permanently erased. So, it’s important to make a copy of your files somewhere safe before you delete the partition. Sometimes, you might get an error that says you can’t delete a partition. This can happen if the drive is protected. Some partitions, like the C drive, boot drive, recovery drive, or an OEM, are really hard to delete.

Using a third-party software

If you don’t want to use Diskpart, you can use other software to delete a partition on your Windows computer. These software are usually easy to use and can make partitioning your drive easier.

One of the best partitioning software options is called Tenorshare Partition Manager. It’s a safe program that helps you manage your disk partitions effectively, including deleting a partition and creating unassigned space. The good thing about this software is that it makes sure your operating system stays safe and won’t lose any data, preventing any errors from happening.

Deleting a Partition on Windows is simple and shouldn’t cause any problems. You can follow the steps above to delete any partition on your Windows computer.


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