How to Fix Mixed Content Error in WordPress

This error mostly appears after activating an SSL Certificate on your WordPress website. In case you need a step by step tutorial on ‘How to Set up a Free SSL Certificate on Your WordPress Website’ click HERE.

The mixed content error is caused by some content being served using unsecured URLs, i.e., HTTP. In this post, you will learn how to fix the mixed content error using a free plugin.

The main indicator that your website contains mixed content is not having a green padlock beside your URL on your browser.  Instead of the padlock, there is an information icon as shown below:

You need to use the browser inspect tool to be certain that your website has mixed content. To access the inspect tool you need to the right click and select the inspect option below.

NOTE: You need to on the target website before inspecting the webpage. The warning to look out for, looks like this:

NOTE: You can track down the specific content with HTTP URLs on your web directory and delete them. Once you re-upload them, the conflict should be resolved. The steps below show how to fix mixed content easily using a free plugin

Correcting the Mixed Content error

Step 1: Once you are certain that your WordPress website has mixed content, you need to go to the general settings page and check your site’s URL. Ensure that they are both preceded by HTTPS like the demonstration below:

Step 2: In this step, we are going to add a free plugin that will automatically correct all the mixed content in a few clicks. On the ‘Add Plugin’ page, search for ‘SSL Insecure Content Fixer.’ Install and activate the plugin as shown in the example below:

Step 3: Go to the ‘SSL Insecure Content’ option under the settings tab.

Step 4: This is the final step where we set up the new plugin to fix mixed content. There is 5 level of fixing available. In my experience, ‘content’ level has always fixed all of my mixed content issues. However, you can move up the levels in case you realize no changes with ‘content’ level.

I recommend leaving all the other changes intact. Click the save changes button at the bottom.  Saving the changes will automatically log you out of the WordPress back end.

If you followed all the steps, your website should have a green padlock. We have successfully fixed the mixed content error in WordPress.

NOTE: The plugin needs to remain activated to handle mixed content on your WordPress website.

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