Install Windows 8.1 from a USB Flash Drive

Here’s a Video Tutorial on how to install Windows 8 from a USB pen drive.This is  the easiest way.

Now you will need need: a USB pen drive (4GB or greater in size), Windows 8.1 disk image file (64-bit download here, 32-bit download here), Microsoft’s Windows 7 USB tool (download here) and of course a working PC.

Once you have all those, follow these steps:

1. Double click on Windows7-USB-DVD-tool.exe and click “run” when prompted.

2. Follow the on-screen instructions by clicking Next, and then Install.

3. When the installer is finished, click the Finish button.

4. Install and run Microsoft’s Windows 7 USB tool. In the subsequent window browse to the 32-bit or 64-bit Windows 8 disk image file you’ve already downloaded. Hit next.

5. With your USB stick plugged in (remember, it’ll need to be at least 4GB in size for a 64-bit install), choose USB device as your media type.

6. Select the correct removable device from the drop-down menu, then click begin copying.

7. Sit back, relax, while the USB tool formats your pen drive, makes it bootable, and copies over all of the Windows 8 files.

8. Once the process is complete, the USB drive can be used to boot a PC and run the Windows 8 setup process.

Video Tutorial:


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