How to Install Windows 8 in VirtualBox

The Windows 8 Developer Preview is a pre-beta version of Windows 8 for developers.Microsoft has been constantly working to make the next version of Windows a better one by improving upon the previous existing features, and have added new impressive Windows 8 features along with a stunning User Interface.

1. First off be sure to Download a copy of Windows 8 and you will also need to download a copy of Virtual Box from here.

2. Now once you’ve installed Virtual Box, it’s time to set up your virtual machine.

3. Next you want to click on the New icon ( top left – blue) this will begin the setup wizard, hit next and it will then ask you what it is you want to install. Fill in the details.

4. Note: select Windows 8 not Other Windows OS from the drop down menu.

5. After you’ve filled all this in, click next and you will be asked how much RAM you want to allocated to the virtual box. I went for 2.0 GB but depending on how much RAM you have you might want to increase or decrease this.

6. The next step will be allocating a virtual hard drive for Windows 8 to run on. The default is 20GB and this should be plenty. Unless you already have prepared a partition or Virtual Drive it’s easier just to let Virtual Box do the work for you. I opted for a VHD in this case instead of the default Virtual Box Drive Image but that shouldn’t make a difference.

7. You will also be asked if you want a Dynamic Drive or Fixed Drive. I change it to Fixed drive. This means that the Drive size will not change.

8. You will be asked what size you want the drive. I left mine as the default 20GB.

9. Now once you click next you’ll be asked to confirm that you want to create these virtual drives, go ahead and confirm this and then we can get on to installing Windows 8.

10. Once you get back to Virtual Box you will see a new Machine has been added. Highlight that machine and then click Start. This will boot up the machine and run the first boot setup wizard. It’s now that you will be asked where you would like to install an OS from. Select the Windows 8 Developer Preview ISO image from wherever you saved it.

11. Click next and the Windows 8 setup wizard will begin.

12. Simply follow the steps and accept the license agreement.

13. Windows will ask you if you want to upgrade or do a custom install.

14. Select Custom install as we are installing the OS from scratch.

15. You will then be asked to confirm where it is you want to install Windows 8. Select the Virtual hard drive you created earlier and click next.

16. After this then Windows 8 will begin to install itself. All you have to do is wait and let it do its thing and enter information when asked.

you should now have installed Windows 8 on your system! Have fun.

Video Tutorial:


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