How To Install WordPress on GoDaddy Hosting Account

To Install WordPress on GoDaddy Hosting Account Follow these steps:

1. Log into GoDaddy then click on My Account

2. Click on the “Hosting” in the side navigation under My Products.

3. You will see My products under my products you will find you to the right Click launch button under control center. This will open the “Hosting Dashboard”.

4. In the GoDaddy Hosting Dashboard you will see a large button that says “Applications” install and manage.located to the right.

5. Underneath Applications you’ll need to select WordPress.

6. Once the WordPress install page loads click “Install Now”

7. Install Worpress on the appropriate domain.

Warning: Double check that you are installing WordPress to the appropriate domain. We don’t want to accidentally overwrite a live website.

8. Provide a username and password for both wordpress and the database.

9. Provide a description and leave the install directory blank unless for some reason you are asked to install it in a subdirectory.

10. Click finish installation in the Go Daddy Hosting WordPress Install Wizard and confirm the WordPress installation was successful by visiting the website you have installed.

That’s it! You should be good to go… happy WordPress blogging! Let me know if you had any problems with these Go Daddy Hosting WordPress Installation instructions.

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Video Tutorial:


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