How to Partition C: Drive in Windows XP

To partition a hard drive in Windows XP means to divide the hard drive into parts and make those parts available to Windows XP.

Follow these steps to partition a hard drive in Windows XP:

1. Click Here to Download and install EasUS Partition Manager Software

2. Once installed runEasUS Partition Manager.

3. On the bottom of EasUS main window you’ll find all installed hard drive.

4. Select any Drive you wish to partition including drive C:

5. Right click and Select Re-size/ Move partition.

6. Now grab on the handle to re-size to desire partition size.

Note: Do not go bellow the space used on the Drive.

7. Click OK, then Apply to complete the partition process.

The computer will re-start, partition the drive, and re-start again with the drive already partitioned.

Video Tutorial:

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