How to Set up Email Forwarding – Office 365

Within an Office 365 organization, there might need to configure a user’s mailbox to forward incoming emails to another email address that can be within your domain or an external email address.

In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to configure email forwarding in the Office 365 Admin portal.

Set up Email Forwarding – Office 365

1. Log on to Microsoft Office 365 Admin Centre with your administrator credentials

2. Go to the ‘Users’ tab and choose ‘Active Users’.

3. On the ‘Active Users’ page, select the user that you would want to have their emails forwarded. In this case, [email protected]

4. Once selected, the account properties of the user will open on the side. Go down to ‘Mail Settings’ and click to expand it.

5. On ‘Email Forwarding’, click ‘Edit’.

6. The Email Forwarding page will open. Enable the option to Forwarding all emails sent to this mailbox and enter the email address where emails will be forwarded to.

This can be an email address from within your organization or external email address. Also, enable the option to ‘keep a copy of forwarded emails in this mailbox’ if you want to keep a copy of emails in the mailbox or else turn off.

Once done, click Save.

Email forwarding has been successfully enabled. Please note that only new emails sent to [email protected] will now be forwarded to [email protected].

7. Email forwarding can also be configured on a shared mailbox. To do so, go to the Groups tab then Shared mailboxes from the Microsoft Office 365 Admin Portal.

8. Select the shared mailbox that you would want to forward its emails.

9. The properties of the shared mailbox will open on the side, go to Email forwarding and Edit the options as in step 6.

Things to remember:

  • If you want to forward to multiple email addresses, you will have to create a distribution list and add the email addresses to it and then set forwarding to that distribution list. You can only set email forwarding to a single email address.
  • Email forwarding options are only available to a user that has an active Exchange license.

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