How to Install OS X Mavericks on VirtualBox with Niresh

Mac OS X is a great operating system but not all of people can “have a taste of it” because it only works on mac based computers which are built by Apple. Today you can install it on you PC using Oracle VirtualBox to give it a try.

NOTE: This process only works with Intel processor.

Requirments : 

64 bit operating system,

At least 4 gb of Ram (more is better),

Intel Dual core processor or better,

10 gb or more unused hard disk space.

What You’ll Need:

1. Download and install Oracle VM VirtualBox plus latest extension pack.

2. Niresh Mavericks Distro ISO file.

Niresh Installation:

1. Open VirtualBox and click on New to create a new virtual machine.

Mac OS X VB 4

2. Name your virtual machine, select OS X as Type and Mac OS X (64 bit) as Version as shown:

Install OS X Mavericks on Virtual Box with Niresh

3. Allocate 2GB or more of ram.

Install OS X Mavericks on Virtual Box with Niresh 6

4. Select Create a New Hard Drive now ->VDI -> Dynamically Allocated and then allocate more than 40GB of virtual hard drive space, and click on Create.

Mac OS X VB 7

5. Select the machine and click on Settings:

Mac OS X VB 8

6. Navigate to System on the left pane and under Motherboard tab Uncheck enable EFI.

Mac OS X VB 9

7. Then under Storage select empty disk icon and on the right side click little disk icon button to browse and select the downloaded niresh iso file.

Niresh -2

8. Start your VM and after the boot menu appears select niresh distro by pressing enter.

Mac OS X VB 11

9. Select your language and click next, then select Disk Utility… under Utilities tab.

Mac OS X VB 12

10. Select your disk, navigate to Erase tab, here name your disk, select Mac OS Extended (Journaled) from the format drop-down, and click Erase button.

Mac OS X VB 13

11. Then Exit (X) disk utility, select your new disk and click Customize.

Mac on maverick on virtual box 1

12. Uncheck GraphicEnabler=Yes and Network Drivers then click OK and install.

Mac OS X VB 14

13. After it’s done installing Niresh’s Mavericks you will get a black screen, press little disk button and eject OSX-Mavericks.iso and restart your machine.

Mac OS X VB 15

14. Your machine will re-boot, just follow the easy setup screen.

Mac OS X VB 16

15. Click continue to finish the setup.

Mac OS X VB 17

16. Once you finished you’ll boot to desktop running OS X.

Mac OS X VB 18


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