Remote Access a PC using Google Chrome Remote Desktop Extension

Google has come up with a way to help with a Remote Desktop Extension for Google Chrome. Remotely accessing a PC can be easy. Especially if you are trying to help a less than tech savvy person. If you do not frequently need to access or be accessed, the simplicity of a browser-based remote desktop app is ideal.
You can download the Chrome Remote Desktop extension from the Google Chrome Web Store. The extension should automatically install. If you leave the installation page open, you can launch the app right from that page.

If you want to open the application later, you will need to go to the manage application screen by right-clicking on one of the extensions and choosing Manage Extensions from the menu. Or you can also open it from the tab start page.

Video Tutorial:

Grant Access

To help with security, both you and the other person will need to grant access to the extension via your Google account. This can be either a standard Google account or a Google Apps account. Click on the Continue button on the app’s start page.

The next screen  is where you will actually grant the access. If you are already logged into your Google account, you will be taken to the next screen. If not, you will need to enter your login information now.

If you want to know what the extension will be accessing, you can click on the arrows to expand the areas and see. Here is the expanded view.

There are two part process for the Chrome Remote Desktop extension. The first is to access another computer and the second is allowing access to yours.

If you are the one allowing access to your computer

  1. First you will need to click the Share Button
  2. Once you click the button, a unique one-time use access code will be generated.

Get this code to the person you who will be accessing your computer. Once they follow the steps in the second part of this article, they should be able to see your screen. You can cancel the session at any time by clicking the button in the box that is displayed on the screen.

Access the computer. The process to access the computer is much the same.

You will follow the same steps to download and install the extension.

  1. When the person sends you the access code, you will input that code into the text box.
  2. Press connect, the extension will verify the code and you should see the other person’s screen.

You will have access to the other person’s computer just like you were right there – and you can see and control the computer from right within the browser.

Works on Chromebooks Too!

During the future stages of development, this extension or this feature will be on Chromebook.


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