How to Reset Forgotten Domain Admin Password on Server 2012

This tutorial will show you how to reset forgotten domain admin password on Server 2012. To accomplish the task you would need the Windows Server 2012 installation disc.

1. Boot from the Windows Server 2012 installation disc. When prompted with the Language, Time and Keyboard click on Next.


2. At the bottom left of the screen click the option to Repair your computer. DO NOT CLICK ON INSTALL NOW!!!


3. Select the  Troubleshoot Option.


4. Now select Advanced options.


5. Lastly select Command Prompt.


Your Windows installation is now located on D: drive so you would enter a command with the letter D: instead of C: This happened because we booted of the disk, the operating system tends to change the drive letters when that happens.

6. Enter the following command to backup the utilman.exe file:

Move D:\Windows\System32\Utilman.exe D:\Windows\System32\Utilman0.exe.


7. Now copy cmd.exe and rename it to Utilman.exe:

Copy D:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe D:\Windows\System32\Utilman.exe


8. Now restart the server. At the welcome screen, press the Windows key plus “U” on your keyboard to open the command prompt.


9. In the command prompt enter the following command to reset the admin password:

net user administrator new password

10. Done!! You’ve just changed the Administrator password.


11. To change utilman0.exe. Back to it’s original state. Go throught the same process and enter the following command:

Move D:\Windows\System32\Utilman0.exe D:\Windows\System32\Utilman.exe

you’ll be asked to overwrite enter the letter “Y” and press Enter.


Video Tutorial:


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  1. Fasil says:

    Thanks . I thought DART will do it , but I was wrong. DART is for non domain account reset.