Two Methods to Factory Reset Your Apple TV

Is it the time that you need to sell your Apple TV or give it to one of your family or someone else, Or maybe a failed system update ended up bricking the device it turns it to nothing. In any case, it’s good for you to know how you can do a factory reset your Apple TV.

There are 2 methods to Reset your Apple TV, With this tutorial, you will learn how you can reset you TV step by step.

Method 1: Reset from TV Settings

1. From Home Screen, and click on “Settings”.

2. Scroll down and then click on “System”.

3. At the bottom, you can find “Reset” option, click on it.

4. Now you can select between 2 options “Reset” or “Reset and Update”. this two options will do a factory reset to your Apple TV, but “Reset and Update” option will also install the latest software update if one is available (and sure if you have an active internet connection).

Method 2: Reset by Itunes

Yes, it’s true if you can’t reset your Apple TV through the settings option you reset it by using Itunes follow the below steps to reset it successfully.

1. Power-Off your Apple TV and plug a micro USB cable to the TV and the USB to your computer, and make sure that Itunes is already installed on it.

2. Once your Apple TV is connected, Power it on and Itunes will be opened automatically and click on “Restore Apple TV”.

3. Confirm that you want to “Restore and Update” your Apple TV, Once you click on it the updating process will initiate.

4. Once the update is completed successfully, you can eject your Apple TV.


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