How to Create a System Repair Disc in Windows 7

With a System Repair Disc, you’ll have access to Windows 7 diagnostic tools like Startup Repair, System Restore, System Image Recovery, Windows Memory Diagnostic, and Command Prompt.Follow these steps to create a Windows 7 System Repair Disc:

1. Click on Start -> All Programs -> Maintenance.

2. Click on the Create a System Repair Disc shortcut.

3. Choose your optical disc drive from the Drive: drop-down box.

4. Insert a blank disc in your optical drive. Note: An empty CD should be large enough for a System Repair Disc.

5. Click the Create disc button.Windows 7 will now create the System Repair Disc on the blank disc you inserted in the previous step.

6. After the System Repair Disc creation is complete, Windows 7 displays a dialog box that you can close by clicking the Close button.

7. Click the OK button back on the original Create a system repair disc window that’s now showing up on your screen.

Video Tutorial:


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