How to Create an F11 Rescue Partition

This is a step by step tutorial on how to Create an F11 Rescue Partition like brand name computers, so we can restore our computer based on that image. With Brand Name computers you can restore to factory default by tapping on F11 while booting up giving you access to that image.

Video Tutorial:

Create an F11 Rescue Partition

1. Download and install Acronis True Image

2. Once installed open true image and click yes to the UAC if prompted.

3. Click on Tools and utilities tab.

4. Under protection tools click on Acronis Secure Zone to open the Secure Zone wizard.

5. Here select the Drive where you would like to create the Secure Zone partition. Click Next.

6. You will be prompted to specify the size of the partition being created. To re-size the hard drive just drag the handle bar. Note: Make sure the partition is larger in size than the spaced used on your C: Drive.

7. Once you size the partition the wizard will give you a before and after state or your hard drive. (before is partitioned and after is partitioned) then click on proceed button and restart.

8. Once your system re-start Acronis will take over to create the partition (Secure Zone) when is done creating the partition your system will re-start again but this time to windows.

9. In windows run True Image again and click on Backup and recovery tab then click on Disk and partition backup to open the Disk Backup dialog box.

10. Here select System Reserved and Local Disk C:as the source. Both are necessary to run Windows .

11. Select the Acronis Secure Zone as the destination and click on back up now button to create the System image.

12. Once the Back up has completed go to Tools and utilities tab.

13. Under Protection Tools click on Acronis Startup Recovery Manager and Click on Activate if F11 is pressed at boot time button.

14. Done. from now on every time you turn on your computer you;ll see the press F11 for Acronis Startup Recovery.


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