Download and Install PL2303 Driver for Windows 11

With the Prolific PL2303 cable, you can connect serial devices to your computer’s USB ports. But several users have said that Windows 11 has problems without the PL2303 driver.

So, what is a PL2303 USB to Serial driver? As with any other driver, the PL2303 adapter driver’s job is to connect the operating system to the device.

In this case, the device is the PL2303 adapter. If you don’t have the driver, the device won’t be recognized and won’t work.

What is a USB to serial driver PL2303?

Connecting RS-232 serial devices to a Windows host computer with a USB port is a breeze with the PL-2303 USB to Serial converter.

This converter functions as a bridge connection, with a standard DB 9-pin male serial port connector on one end and a standard Type-A USB plug connector on the other.

Although Windows 11 typically installs the cable driver automatically, there may be instances when you’ll need to download the PL2303 driver for Windows 11 64-bit manually.

Windows Update

Press Windows + I to open Settings.

Go to Windows Update and click on Advanced options.

Click on Optional updates.

Expand Driver updates and check the box next to Prolific PL2303 driver.

Click Download & Install at the bottom of the page.

In many instances, Windows will detect connected devices and proceed to download the appropriate driver automatically.

However, if this fails to occur, you can navigate to the optional updates section to obtain the USB to serial driver for Windows 11.

This approach may prove useful if you require the PL2303TA driver for Windows 11.

Manually from the website

Go to the official Prolific website and click on the download link for

Once the download is complete, right-click on the file, and select Extract All.

You choose the path for the extracted files by clicking on Browse, then click on Extract at the bottom.

Open the setup file by clicking on it.

Click Yes when the User Account Control prompt pops up and follow any on-screen instructions.


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