Fix Headphones are not Working in Windows 11

Using the original, functional system files as a backup, this software fixes typical computer issues. Additionally, it protects you from serious file loss, hardware failure, and fixes for malware and virus-caused damage. It’s recommended to utilize headphones for a full-on PC experience, but many have observed that Windows 11 does not support headphones.

You will undoubtedly encounter some problems when using a device because none of them is ideal. These problems can range in complexity. The earphones may not be working in some cases, or there may only be a problem with the headphones’ connection. Any OS can experience this problem, and many people have noted that headphones aren’t recognized in Windows 10.

Update your Audio Driver

Press Win + X and Select Device Manager.

Click the drop-down arrow of Audio Inputs and Outputs.

Right-click the name of your headphones and Select Update Driver.

Select Search automatically for drivers.

Set the headphones as a default sound output

Look for your Sound icon from the taskbar and right-click it.

Select Sound settings.

At the Output, Select the Headphone option.

Check if your headphones are functioning properly.

Update OS

In your Windows search bar, type Check for updates and select Open.

Click on the Check for updates button.

Wait for the process to complete and the update to be installed.

Restart your PC.



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