How to Check DisplayPort Version on Windows 11

A digital interface called DisplayPort can be used to link a computer to a TV or monitor. Since Windows 11 was released, you must be aware of the DisplayPort version your computer is running in order to ensure compatibility with your display device.

This article will discuss how to determine the DisplayPort version running on Windows 11.

Advantages of DisplayPort

Multi-stream capability – DisplayPort lets you connect multiple displays to a single port, so you can use the ports on your computer more efficiently.

High-resolution support – Ultra-high definition displays are possible since DisplayPort supports up to 8K resolution.

Low power consumption – DisplayPort uses less power than other display interfaces.

Audio support – Allows a single cable for both audio and video as it supports audio transmission.

How to check DisplayPort version on Windows 11

Use the manufacturers website

Press Windows + I to open the Settings.

Select System on the left pane, then select the About section.

Note your Processor specification.

Go to the manufacturer site, which may be Intel or AMD.

Click Processor.

Choose your Intel Core Processor then select your processor type.

Check for your Product Name.

Look for Max Resolution (DP). The value shows the maximum resolution that can be sent through the DisplayPort output.

In conclusion, checking the DisplayPort version on Windows 11 is easy and can be done by following the steps in this article. If you know which version of DisplayPort your computer is using, you can make sure that your display device is compatible and that you get the best visual experience.

By keeping the version of DisplayPort on your computer up to date, you can make sure that it can take advantage of the latest advances in display technology.


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