How to Clone Computers over the Network

How to Clone Computers over the Network using Redo Backup and Recovery, this  is the most easiest way of cloning computers over the network. Our goal is to create a mirror image of the original computer’s hard drive and place it in a share folder in the server, then run we do backup and recovery to create clones of the original computer using that image file on the server.

1. Download Redo Backup and Recovery ISO.

2. Oce downloaded if using Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 all you need to do is right-click burn disk image to create a bootable disk.

3. I am using Windows 7 as my server operating system. you can usa any operating system as long as it can hold the image file.

4. Create a folder and share over the network, use proper permissions to share this file.

5. Place the Redo Backup and Recovery disk on the original computer CD-ROM drive and restart the computer, remember to Change the boot sequence in the BIOS to be able to boot from Redo Backup and Recovery disk.

6. Select Start Redo Backup. You’ll be prompted to Back up or Restore, Select Backup from the options.

7. If you have only one hard drive it will be per-selected. If you have multiple hard drives make sure to select the one containing the Operating System from the dropdown. click on next.

8. The system reserved and drive C: are checked ready to be cloned. if you would have had a system recovery it will show up here too. click next.

9. Select shared folder over the network and enter the folder directory. Instead of typing the server name type the IP address of the server and the folder name.

10. The username and password of the Server and click on next.

11. If you would have had a subfolder within the folder you can browse for it, if not just click on next.

12. Name your Image file if you like. I left it default June 14, 2013. click next. to start creating that image file of the hard drive onto that shared folder in the network.

Creating clones out of the image file:

Once  the mirror image file has been created on the shared folder, we need to create a clones using that image file.

On the clones computer remember to change the boot sequence on the clones to boot from the Redo backup disk.

Click on restore, instead of Back up and find the folder directory whe you baked up the image file.

Place the IP address of the server instead of the name.

Then enter the server username and password, to browse for that image file.

Video Tutorial:


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