How To Create a Portable USB Version of Microsoft Office Starter 2010

This is a step by step guide on how to Create a Portable Office 2010 starter edition. Using this guide you can crate portable Office 2010 USB flash Drive and carry anywhere you want. This applies to windows vista and higher versions of Windows.

To Create Your Portable Office:

  1. You must Download and install Office Starter 2010 edition
  2. Start Microsoft Office To-Go Device Manager from start menu.( Start > All Programs > Microsoft Office Starter )
  3. Click on Start button and let Office To-Go Device Manager download required files.
  4. When you get screen asking for Select a device, insert your USB flash drive and select the flash drive from the selection screen & click on install.
  5. Now Office To-Go Device Manager will start installing Office Starter 2010 on selected USB drive.
  6. A message will be displayed when Device To-Go completed installation. click on Close button.
  7. Now Start Office.exe from USB flash drive to start portable Office starter 2010.

Video Tutorial:


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