How to Create and upload a Favicon.ico


(short for ‘favorites icon’) is, generally, the small graphic/animated icon which web designer put them on the title of the webpage. Favicon appears in front of the web address in visitor’s browser’s address bar. Also, favicon could appear on title bar and in front of the title in bookmark listing. In the past, favicon can be only static image (non-movable) but at present time we can see many type of movable graphics (Animated Favicon) that web designers use for their favicon.

How to Create a “Favicon.ico” File

  1. Create an image 16X16 pixels in size. by any method you like, I use DYNAMIC DRIVE Website.
  2. Save the image as an ICO file (named “favicon.ico”, of course).
  3. Upload it to your website. You don’t need to upload one to every directory of your site if you don’t want to waste space – simply put it in your root directory and the web browsers that support favicons will apparently locate it eventually.

Upload your “Favicon.ico” File

  1. Open your FTP Program. I like to use Filezilla
  2. Drag and Drop your Favicon to your root Folder.

Video Tutorial:


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