How to Enable Dark Mode in macOS Mojave

The newest mac os called mojave and it has a lot of new features including the new Dark Mode. This inverts your system colors and it happens to be more comfortable for some users because it’s an adjustment that makes your background, menu, bars and other parts of the system in black,they are normally white and gray.

It also supports some apple applications such as itunes, apple photos etc. So that can be a solution even for the ones that use their computer at night. So if you want to give it a try follow the steps below.

Enable Dark Mode in macOS Mojave

1. Click on System Preferences on your dock

2. You can now see the settings of your machine, click on General.

3. Under Appearance you can see 2 little windows (one light and one dark) you need to click on the dark one which is the one on he right.

4. Now you can see that your mac is on the dark mode

If you want to turn it light again repeat the same process but at the step 3 you need to select the one on the left.


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