How to Fix Some Apps that Won’t Respond to Scaling Changes in Windows

Different screen sizes and resolutions mean that the size of my display may be different from the size of yours. Windows, on the other hand, has a built-in feature called scale.

It lets you change the size of the font, how the app looks, the resolution, and other things that you can see. Still, this feature can be hard to use in some apps.

So, it’s important to know what to do if scaling changes don’t work with some apps. In the same way, we’ll talk about how to fix scaling problems in Windows 10/11.

Is custom scaling recommended?

No. Custom scaling seems like a good choice for people who have trouble seeing or who want to rest their eyes.

But custom scaling in some apps or software can make it hard to read the font or make it look funny. Some displays aren’t made to work with the scaling feature.

How do I fix apps that won’t respond to scaling changes?

Close and relaunch the application

If something is wrong or if there is a problem when the app is starting up, it might not work right. Some apps, though, won’t change size until you close and reopen them.

So, close the app and start it up again to see if the “apps won’t respond to scaling changes” problem still happens.

Update graphics drivers

Press Win + R to open Run dialogue.

Type devmgmt.msc and click OK.

Select Display adapters to expand it.

Choose your graphics driver and right-click on it.

Click Update Driver

Select Search automatically for updated driver software.

Update the apps not responding to scaling changes

Open Microsoft Store.

Go to the Library in the lower left corner and select Get updates.

Select the app encountering the problem.


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