Remote Access your PC with your mobile Droid Phone

Many people work just as hard at home like they do at work, forgetting their project at home PC after days of  hard work can cause a big headache . There is a little application that you should always have installed on your phone is called Remote Desktop lite/Mocha RDP Lite for Iphone or Remote RDP Lite for Droid phones.

This application let you connect from anywhere in the world remotely to your PC  for FREE. Once you have installed the application to your phone follow these steps to configure the Remote Connection between your phone and PC or just follow the video tutorial.

  1. Create  a user name and password on the PC you will be connecting remotely, or Just  add a Password to the user.
  2. Enable Remote Desktop Connection on the PC that you will be connecting Remotely.
  3. Know the IP address of the PC that you will be connecting remotely.
  4. Configure your Router for Remote desktop Connection. Make sure that you have the router properly configured to allow Remote access.
  5. Know your external IP Address. This is Your WAN IP or the IP address given to you by your (ISP) Internet Service Provider.

All this information is necessary because you will be adding this to the Remote Desktop Application on your Phone.

Video Tutorial:


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