Outlook 2007: Remove or Disable RSS Feed Support

How to remove or disable RSS feed support in Outlook 2007. The reason for this video is a client of mine while sending and receiving the the RSS feed reported errors.

1. Now to remove or disable all you need to do is click on Tools -> Options -> Mail setup tab -> e-mail accounts -> RSS feed tab

2. Select the one you wish to remove then click remove

3. Click yes to the pop up window to confirm, Then close.

4. It should be fixed but in some cases it can still give you errors while synching. So if that is your case then go back to the mail setup tab, click on send and receive button.

5. Make sure that all accounts is selected and click on edit. Select RSS account from the left pain and  un-check the RSS that ig giving you issues or wish to remove, then click OK and close all remainder windows.

That should solve the problem

Video Tutorial:


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