How to Remove Personal Information from Google Chrome

Browsers play a prime role in connecting to various websites while you are using the internet. A variety of browsers are available for this purpose each having some distinctive features. Google Chrome is one of the popular browsers which is widely used for accessing web-based applications.

It allows users to login through their Google accounts and synchronize their data to be accessed from multiple devices. When accessing the multifarious websites Google offers its users to save their personal information i.e. user account, password, and other confidential information.

On one hand, it is feasible for a user to access these websites through a single click without the need of remembering passwords since the account information associated with the accessed websites is saved in the Google account of the Google Chrome browser. But on the other hand, the private information which is saved in the browser is vulnerable to be accessed and stolen through the internet.

For this reason, it is necessary to remove your personal information from Google Chrome or access the websites in incognito mode or activate some anti-hacking to avoid entering the malicious websites. This article describes the steps to remove the personal information from Google Chrome on Windows OS.

Remove Personal Information from Google Chrome

Open your Google Chrome browser and click the vertical three dots on the top right corner.

Click on the settings from the settings menu bar.

Under the Autofill section see the Passwords section and click on the side arrow on the right.

This will show all the user accounts and their associated passwords which have been saved in Google Chrome.

Under the Saved Passwords section go for the website for which you want to delete the account information and click on the three vertical dots on the right and select remove.

Repeat these steps for removing the personal information of any other websites which have been accessed through Google Chrome.

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