How to install Citadel groupware server on Ubuntu 16.04 ?

Citadel is an open source groupware collaboration suite that can be used to easily set up email, calendars, mailing lists. and other collaboration tools.

It supports running on most modern operating systems such as Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, and Unix.

It is written in the C language and provides a user-friendly web interface to manage the server. It supports various protocols such as SMTP, IMAP, Sieve, POP3, GroupDAV, and XMPP.

This tutorial will walk you throughout the installation and configuration of Citadel Groupware on Ubuntu 16.04 server.

What Citadel groupware include?

– Email

– Calendar/scheduling

– Address books

– Bulletin boards (forums)

– Mailing list server

– Instant messaging

– Wiki and blog engines

– Multiple domain support

– Web interface

– RSS aggregation

Building the Citadel (Installing Citadel)

1. After you had installed your Ubuntu 16.04, Open the Terminal from the Ubuntu icon, do a search for “Terminal”.

2. Write down the below 2 commands so we can prepare for the installation, it may ask for password write it.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

Your terminal will look like this when you run the second code, it may take to 3 minutes till it done.

3. I prefer to restart the server after that, and re-open “Terminal”, and run this command

sudo apt-get install citadel-suite

“Type Y, to continue with the installation”

4. The installation process will run the configuration wizard as it shown below. And you will need to write the IP address of your Citadel server.

Unless you plan to install multiple instances of Citadel on the running server, leave the default, Tab down to Ok and press Enter.

You will then move to the configuration options.

5. Choose your authentication, I prefer to make it “Internal”, and tab down to “OK”.

6. Create your admin account on Citadel server.

7. Specify your account password.

8. Select your web server as “Internal” then click OK.

9. Choose port number “80”, You will only need to specify a different port number if you are running another web server, and you must be aware of this point.

10. Provide your “HTTPS” SSL port number, the default is 443, and then press “Tab” button and Enter for “OK”.

11. Choose your preferred language of your Citadel server.

After you had configured your citadel server, the “Terminal” will proceed with the installation of it.

If you would like to skip the configuration and do it later, you can type the below command on the terminal.

"sudo dpkg-reconfigure citadel-server"

Access your Citadel server

Once you had done everything that mentioned above and you are done of it, let’s access the Citadel web console.

1. Open your web browser, and write your server IP.

2. Write your username and password that we had set on the configuration steps.

3. And we are done now you move between each tab of your Citadel server.

That’s are everything you need on the installation of Citadel suite, AvoidErrors team hope that you can now easily install and configure the Citadel groupware solution on your lovely server. Try it out today. It is a lightweight, easy to use, and complete email solution.


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