Easily Install WordPress Themes Manually via FTP

WordPress is one of the biggest website platform and makes theme installing very easy. But if for any reason you can’t install a theme using WordPress, we are going to show you how to do it manually. If you want to install WordPress on your website you can see our other tutorial here.

Download a FTP Client, a common one is File Zilla.

Go to your host cpanel, and create an ftp login if you haven’t already created it.

Install Wp Themes Manually 1

Open File Zilla and put your login info we have got from the host cpanel.

Install Wp Themes Manually 2

Then on File Zilla find public_html folder and open it.

Install Wp Themes Manually 3

Then go to wp-content -> themes folders and open.

Install Wp Themes Manually 4

Now get your theme folder and drag in to the themes folder and wait until it’s done.

Install Wp Themes Manually 5

Now you can go to your WordPress dashboard and then go to themes and activate your new theme.

Install Wp Themes Manually 6

Video Tutorial:


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