How to Mount ISO Images In Windows 7 / Windows 8

Mounting ISO images is a great way to view and run the content of the disk image without having to burn it onto a CD/DVD. Windows, regardless which version you are using, doesn’t come with this feature. I will show you how to mount ISO files in Windows for free.

Virtual Clone Drive. This utility will let you mount ISO, .CCD, .DVD, .IMG, .UDF and .BIN files. Download the utility and start the setup process, it works just like putting CD into your CD-ROM

1. Download and install Virtual Clone Drive. You will be prompted to restart your computer.

2. Open My Computer or Computer in windows 7. You should now see a new BD-ROM drive.

3. Right click on the BD-ROM and select Virtual CloneDrive -> Mount

4. Navigate to the directory where you store your ISO file and select it.

5. Virtual CloneDrive will mount the ISO as a CD in the system. Now you’ll be able to run or view the content from the mounted ISO file.

Virtual CloneDrive works With most versions of Windows OS, including Windows 7.

Video Tutorial:


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