How to Pair a Bluetooth Mouse on Windows 8.1 Laptop or Tablet

Nowadays every one like to use non cable mouse and other I/O devices because they look fancy and most of the times they are smaller and in some cases can save a lot of table space or if you’re using a smaller laptop you have less USB ports so you need them for something else so today you can configure an Bluetooth mouse.

1. Make sure you inserted the batteries on the mouse.

Pair Bluetoth Mouse 1

2. Now all of the Bluetooth mouse needs to powered on so to do that you may need to push the button up to the right side and then a green light should  turn on to indicate the power of the mouse.

Pair Bluetoth Mouse 2

3. Turn on Bluetooth on your device by moving your cursor to your top right side and click Settings > PC Settings > PC and Devices and on Bluetooth tab turn it on.

Pair Bluetooth Mouse 3

4. When you turn on Bluetooth it will start searching for nearby devices so when your mouse appears click pair on side of it and after a while you can start using your new mouse.

Pair Bluetooth Mouse 4

Note: For further configuration of the mouse you can go to control panel and click on mouse options and configure in your needs.


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