View Saved WiFi Passwords on Android

Almost every WiFi network is password secured and when you want to access the network admin will  say that he needs to type the password, so you can’t see it. But you can view all saved WiFi passwords by having root access on your device and do that for free so follow this tutorial.

1. You need Root Access so make sure you have an app called SuperSU installed on your phone indicating that you are rooted.

Wi-Fi Passwords on Android 1

2. If the SuperSU is there you may proceed with the next step which is going to Play Store and search for WiFi key recovery and Install it.

Wi-Fi Passwords on Android 2

3. When is finished installing you can search for that app on your phone and open it.

Wi-Fi Passwords on Android 3

4. After is opened it will ask you to grant root access so of course you need to press Grant.

Wi-Fi Passwords on Android 4

5. There all your saved passwords will apear and with 3 tabs. SSID-the name of the network , PSK-the password of that network and Key MGMT-the security type of that network.

Wi-Fi Passwords on Android 5


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