Change a User Name and Email Address – Office 365

You might need to change a user’s display name or email address in Office 365. In this step by step tutorial, we are going to learn how to change a user’s email address and display name in Office 365.

1. To change the email address in Office 365, sign in as a global administrator in Office 365 Admin Center.

2. Navigate to Users and choose Active Users.

3. Pick the user that you would want to edit by ticking the box next to their username.

4. On the User details page, click on Edit.

5. Type the first part of the new email address in the Username You will notice a big yellow warning message notifying you that you are about to change a user’s sign-in information. Choose Save to confirm the changes. Once done, click Close.

The user’s email address has been successfully changed.

Things to note:

  • The change may take time to come into effect.
  • The old email address is kept as an additional email address. Emails sent to the old email address will be automatically routed to the new email address.
  • The user will have to sign in back to Office 365 using their new email address. The new credentials will have to be updated on all devices for emails to sync.
  • If OneDrive is active on their account, the URL to their location has also changed.
  • To change a user’s display name, from the Admin Center go to the Active Users page and select the user that you want to edit as in Step 2 and 3 above.

On the user’s details page, choose Edit next to the Contact Information.

6. Enter a new name for the user and then choose Save.

7. The display name has been changed.

Things to remember:

  • It can take up to 24 hours for the new name change to appear across all Office 365 services.
  • A user will have to sign out and sign in back for changes to appear.
  • If you get errors whilst trying to make changes as above, please check if you have global admin rights and permissions to edit users.

Abdelrahman Reda

Abdelrahman Reda is a Motivated Support Engineer with 6+ years of corporate and consumer support experience. His experience related to administration of Network, NOC support, computers and anti-virus server, data entry, networking sites, remote support.

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