How to Dualboot Windows 8 With Windows 8.1 Preview

In this Tutorial I’ll be showing you guys How to Dualboot Windows 8 With Windows 8.1 Preview.

To start we first need to find out if we have enough space to install Windows 8.1 preview, you need at least 25 to 30 Gigs. available space on your Hard drive. if you don’t have it do not continue with this tutorial.

1. Now right-click computer -> Manage -> Disk Management.

2. Right-click drive C: and then shrink volume, here it will tell you the amount of space you have available for shrink. in my case is 92 gigs so out of those 92 gigs I am going to use 30 gigs. 25 gigs. is the minimum for Windows 8 once you have entered the amount of space you wish to shrink, click on shrink.

3. We have created a 30 gigs. partition for Windows 8.1 preview. Now all we need to do is download Windows 8.1 preview ISO.

4. Once downloaded, right-click Windows 8.1 preview ISO to create a bootable disk from that ISO.

5. If you have multiple burners click on the drop-down and select the appropriate one verify disk that is optional then click on burn.

6. Once you have successfully created the Windows 8.1 bootable disk remember to change the boot sequence in the bios to be able to boot from that disk.

7. Place the Windows 8.1 preview disk in the drive and restart the computer, when it ask you to press any key to boot from CD or DVD press enter key.

8. Install now, -> enter the key, -> accept the license terms agreement, -> custom install.

9. Here you need to be very careful look for the partition we created to install Windows 8.1 preview.

Note: Make sure that you can identify the partitions we have created if you cant do not continue with this tutorial for it may damage your current Windows 8.

10. Once you have identified the partition selected and click on next.

11. The installation process will take a little while. The computer may restart several times make sure that when you restart and ask you to press any key to boot from CD or DVD do not press enter key.

12. From there on is self-explanatory. Enter computer name -> Windows live account for some reason Windows 8.1 preview only works with your live account.

Video Tutorial:


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