Test Drive Windows 8.1 Preview

Test Drive Windows 8.1 Preview on PC or Mac the link for Windows 8.1 is in the description box below I recommend you download the 32-bit version.

1. Download Windows 8.1 Preview .ISO the product key is just above it.

2. Download and install Oracle Virtual Box for Windows or OS X.

3. In my tutorial I downloaded Windows 8.1 Preview and installed Oracle virtual box.

4. Once Oracle VirtualBox is installed run the Oracle VB and click on new, enter the name of your Windows, I’ll name it Windows 8.1 it will automatically select type and version if it doesn’t click on the drop-down to select the type and version. click next.

5.  Select 1 GB of RAM by default is already preselected which is the minimum for Windows 8. next.

6. Create a virtual hard drive now.

7. Create (virtual box disk image) VDI. next.

8. Select Dynamically allocated. next.  And select 30 Gigs or Hard Drive and Click Create.

9. Once Windows 8.1 have been created it will show on the left pain of Oracle VB. Selected got to Settings, Storage, click on the plus sign next to controller IDE. Choose Disk to browse for the downloaded Windows 8.1 ISO Double-click to selected

10. Once selected remove the empty disk click on okay and start.

11. it will go throughout the installation of Windows 8.1 as if you were installing it on a real machine.

12. Select your time zone keyboard and language then click next. Install Now, enter the key that we got from Microsoft, next.

13. Accept the license terms, custom install Windows, select the 30 Gigs. HDD. we created, to install Windows  8.1 Preview.

Video Tutorial:


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