How to Check Windows 10 License Type

There are three types of Windows 10 License. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) license is given to you when you purchase a PC with pre-installed Windows 10. This license is registered with the BIOS of your system and cannot be transferred to other systems.

Retail License is assigned to your Windows 10 when you buy a copy of original Windows 10 from any retail store or online store. It can be transferred from one system to another. The Volume license of Windows 10 is mostly used by organizations that buy a pack of Windows 10 at an economical price.

Volume licenses are of two types, MAC and KMS. Mac keys are for one-time use only while KMS keys can be used repeatedly.

There are two conventional methods to check Windows 10 License type that you have tried before reading this article. The first method would be the Properties of This PC.

The second method that you have tried would be the winner command in the Run application of Windows 10.

These two methods provide the version of Windows 10 with the necessary information about the license whether the operating version of Windows 10 in your system is Licensed or not, but the information related to the type of Windows 10 License is not provided.

This article will tell you the exact method to check the type of your Windows 10 license by the following steps.

Click on the search icon in the taskbar of Windows 10. Type CMD in the search bar to search for Command Prompt. Run the Command Prompt application as an Administrator.

After allowing the system to run the Command Prompt application as an administrator, copy or write slmgr -dli in front of the first line from blinking cursor.

After a couple of seconds, Windows Script Host pops up at your desktop with the options as Name, Description, Partial Product Key, and License Status. You will find your Windows 10 license type in Description.

Muhammad Imran Habib

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