How to fix Corrupt ZIP file after Download

Many users say that they want to open a ZIP file but can’t because it got corrupted after they downloaded it.

Even more frustrating is that other people can open the same ZIP file just fine. That means the problem might not be with the original file. The corruption could happen while the file is being downloaded, or it could happen later in the storage. So, it’s probably related to your file archiver, your antivirus software, or both.

Follow this guide to solve your corrupt ZIP files.

Use third-party software

WinZip makes it easy to download and unzip all major file types, such as zip, rar, gzip, tar, and cab. Your private data can be protected with a password and encrypted with 256-bit AES.

Other useful features include the ability to zip files and folders with as much freedom as possible, easy management of files on your system, in the cloud, and on your network, and the ability to decode B64, HQX, and UUE files.

Check your Internet Connection

Another common reason for these problems is that the download speed isn’t stable enough.

You can use one of these great Internet speed testers to get a precise answer that could help you narrow down the list of possible culprits.

If you do find out that your Internet connection isn’t stable, it’s clear that this will make it hard to download ZIP files. Also, don’t be afraid to check to see if your cable is broken.

Redownload the ZIP from the FTP server via FTP

If the ZIP file corrupted after the download issue is still there, perhaps you need to try downloading it from the FTP server via FTP rather than HTTP.

As you can see, that’s a standard network protocol dedicated to transferring files from one host to another host over a TCP-based network, so do give it a go.

Configure your Internet Browser

Search Control Panel on your Windows Search bar and select Open.

Select Internet Options.

On the Advanced tab, uncheck the Use HTTP 1.1

Click on Apply and OK.


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