Pin Recycle Bin to Taskbar in Windows 7

Windows 7 does not allow you to pin Recycle Bin on the taskbar by default. In order to pin it on the taskbar follow this step by step video tutorial, you will have the Recycle Bin shortcut pinned on the taskbar.

1. Right click anywhere on your desktop and select New and then shortcut.

2. In the Location of the item box type the following path,

explorer.exe shell:RecycleBinFolder

3. Click Next.

4. Type a name. you can always keep Recycle Bin.Then click Finish.

5. Now your shortcut will be created in the desktop but it will not have the correct icon.

6. Right click on the shortcut, select Properties.  Then, click Change Icon.

7. Change the icon file to:


8. Hit Enter and select the Recycle Bin Icon and click OK.

Now drag the new shortcut onto the taskbar and it will be pinned. Once the shortcut is pinned, you can remove the original on the desktop if you want.

Note: you can’t drag files over it to delete them.

Video Tutorial:


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