Installation and Use of “Should I Remove It” Program

If you buy a new computer of course there are going to be a lot of pre-installed programs that most of them you won’t even use, also toolbars and other stuff that are installed automatically after an another program installed. So today you can use Should i Remove It to check witch programs are less used so you can remove them and also any malware program that has bad ratings.

1. Download Should i Remove It.

Should i Remove 1

2. When it’s done downloading install it; it’s basic installation.

Should i Remove 2

3. When the installation is finished double click on should i remove it to open the application.

Should i Remove 3

4. When it’s opened you should see all of your computer installed programs sorted by rating and usage.

Should i Remove 4

5. To uninstall a program just click on it and click Uninstall.

Should i Remove 5


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