How to Access MSN, Live and Hotmail from Thunderbird Mail

This article provides instructions on how to automatically configure MSN, Live and Hotmail accounts in Thunderbird’s Mail in Ubuntu 13.04

1. Open the dash home and look for Thunderbird Mail.

2. If is the Fiest time you use it it will prompt you with the Welcome to Thunderbird window.

3. Here click on Skip this and use my existing email.

4.  Mail account setup windows enter your name, Hotmail or Live Email address, and the password belonging to that Email address,

5. Make sure Remember my password is checked, and click on continue.

In the past you manually enter the POP, and SMTP that is not the case anymore. if you need to manually configure your email the incoming POP and SMTP is the same for MSN Live and Hotmail.

Video Tutorial:


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