How to Create and Use a Password Reset Disc – Windows 7

Everyone wants their computer to be safe and secured by placing user password. But sometime you may forget your password and can’t access it until you send it to a technician to re-set it for you. Today you can create a password reset disc in case you forget the password by using a floppy disk, USB thumb drive or CD/DVD.

1. Make sure you insert the drive you want to use as a recovery drive for your password (we’re going to use a usb drive) and make sure you check the letter of that drive you’re going to use for later. Windows 7 Password Reset Disk 1

2. Now go to Start and search for Create a password reset disk and click on it to start the wizard to create the password reset disk or  Create a password reset disk usb.

Windows 7 Password Reset Disk 2

3. When the wizard opens click next and then select your drive depends whether you are using disk or thumb drive, we are going to use a thumb drive so select it and click on next.

Windows 7 Password Reset Disk 3

4. After you select your drive you need to type the current account password and click on next to create the password reset drive.

Windows 7 Password Reset Disk 4

5. To use this password reset drive in case you forgot your password, you need to click on Reset Password… at the welcome screen when windows starts up.

Windows 7 Password Reset Disk 5

6. Now when the password reset dialog comes up you click next and then select the drive which contains the password reset file so in our case is our usb drive and then click next.

Windows 7 Password Reset Disk 6

7. When you click on next you can then type your new password and your password has been changed.

Windows 7 Password Reset Disk 7


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