Fix: A File Error Has Occurred Microsoft Word

“A file error has occurred” is an error message displayed in MS Word. It indicates that either MS Word cannot save modifications to the file or the whole Word document is corrupted. There are methods to correct this mistake and preserve your Word document.

This article will walk you through proven solutions on how to fix this Word error.

Create a Word File

Open a new Word file.

Copy all the contents from the old file that contains the error and paste it in the new blank file.

Save the new file.

NOTE: While modifying the Word document, deselect the “Always create a backup copy” option and ensure that there is no space in the file name.

Show hidden files and folders

Open File Explorer and go to the View tab.

Select the Hidden items check box.

Navigate to the following path:


Look for files with the name Normal and delete all of it.

Open your document with the error and Save the file again.

If you are still stuck on the problem after trying all solutions and experience data loss, you should take action to restore unsaved Word documents as soon as possible.


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