How to Fix Non-System Disk or Disk Error

If for any unknown reason the MBR (Master Boot Record) became corrupted or damaged and can’t start your PC giving you an error message that says “Non-System Disk”  there is no system disk on your computer you can fix it by:

This problem is caused because:

  • Windows XP Installation disk is inserted
  • Corrupted Master Boot Record
  • Faulty or Damaged Hard Drive

1. Make sure that any windows installation disk is not inserted on your disk drive. Make sure the  floppy drive is empty this can interrupt the boot record file search and it may look for it at your installation disk.

Fix Non-System Disk Error 1


2. If the problem still stands you may proceed to your next step witch is fixing the boot loader. To fix it you need to insert a bootable windows installation disk and boot from it, when the this first screen appears you have to press on your keyboard to start Recovery Console.

Fix Non-System Disk Error 3

3. Then at the command prompt type fixmbr and then press on your keyboard and wait until the new MBR file is written then type exit to leave the recovery mode.

Fix Non-System Disk Error 2

4. If all of these steps didn’t fixed your problem you may have  faulty hard disk.


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