How to Create and Edit Events on iPhone and iPad

iPhones and iPads allow you to note and keep track of events, meetings, and appointments using the calendar app. This feature may be all you need if you have busy weeks or a hectic schedule.

With the Calendar app, you never have to miss important events anymore. This piece will explore a detailed guide on how you can create and edit events on your iPhone or iPad’s calendar.

Creating An Event On Your Calendar On Your iPhone Or iPad

First, launch the Calendar app on your device.

Then, select the date you want to set the event for and tap the plus (+) at the top right corner of your screen.

Next, fill in the required details – Title, location/video call, start date and time, invitees, attachments, travel time, and additional notes (if any).

When you tap location, you can fill in a physical address, FaceTime, or Zoom link, if it’s a video call.

Then tap Alert to choose when you want to be reminded about the event. You can set up two alerts to remind you about your event.

If your event is repetitive, tap Repeat and select how often the event will be repeated. You can also customize the frequency based on your schedule or preference.

Afterward, tap Add to save the settings.

Note – once you add a physical address to the location field, Apple Maps will try to locate it. Then, it will track transit options and the traffic situation and inform you before you leave.

How to Edit an Existing Event on a Calendar

Editing an event on your iPhone or iPad’s calendar is as simple as creating one – if not easier. If your event, meeting, or appointment has been postponed or changed, here’s how you can edit the details on your device.

Launch the Calendar App on your device

Then, tap the date you set the event for. You’d find the event title beside the starting time – Tap it.

Next, select Edit at the top right corner of your screen.

Then, edit whatever you want to edit and tap Done.

You’d need to choose one option from the pop-up menu if it’s a repeating event.

Choose “Save for this event only” or “save for future events,” depending on your new schedule.

You can also delete the event by tapping “Delete Event” at the lower part of your screen. Then, tap “Delete Event” again.

That’s all there is to it!

Ori Otokpa

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