How to Recover Previously Deleted Notes on iPhone or iPad

If you like me, you probably use the notes app very often. From class jottings to passwords and personal information, to inspirations or ideas – everything is stored in it.

What happens when you accidentally delete an important note? Panic? No.

If you are reading this, you probably don’t know what to do next. But, thankfully, you’ve found the right piece.

This article will provide detailed steps on how to retrieve accidentally or intentionally deleted notes.

Recover Previously Deleted Notes on iPhone or iPad

The steps are pretty easy to follow;

First, launch the Notes application on your device.

Then, swipe left to display the folders section.

Next, tap “Recently Deleted.” Then, select “Edit” at the top right corner of your screen.

Afterward, select the Note (s) you want to recover and tap “Move.” Then, select the folder you want it (or them) to be moved to.


You can swipe right over the note you want to recover and Tap the purple folder icon. Then, choose the folder you want the note moved into.

NB: Deleted notes, like photos, only last 30 days in this folder and should be recovered before it is permanently deleted. You can also restore deleted Notes by restoring your iTunes or iCloud backup.

Ori Otokpa

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