Request an invitation for Remote Assistance – Windows XP

Remote Assistance allows another user either on a local network or over the Internet, to connect to your computer and control of you PC.

Video Tutorial:

1. Click Start, Help and Support. The Help and Support Center is displayed.

2. Click Invite a friend to connect to your computer with Remote Assistance. The Remote Assistance help page is displayed.

3. Click on Invite someone to help you. The Pick how you want to contact your assistant page is displayed.

4. In ~he.Type an e-mail address text box, type in the e-mail address of the teacher to invite.

5. Click Invite this person. The E-mail an invitation page is displayed.

6. In the From field, type in the name to appear on the invitation if Administrator is not sufficient.

7. In the Message field, type in a message to the invitee, such as “Please help me.”

8. Click Continue.

9. Define the expiration time limit for this invitation, such as 30 minutes.

10. Be sure the Require the recipient to use a password checkbox is marked.

11. Provide a password and confirm the password. Be sure to remember what this password is and to provide it to the teacher. It is not wise to include the password in the e-mail message.

12. Click Send Invitation.

13. A confirmation box may appear asking whether you wish to send the message,click Send or Yes.

14. The Help and Support Center returns you to the Remote Assistance page, click View invitation status. A listing of the invitation you’ve sent appears.

15. Click the radio button beside your invitation, then click Details.

16. A dialog box with complete details about the invitation is displayed, click Close.

17. Click the X button in the title bar to close the Help and Support Center.

Note: you may have to send the message manually from within Outlook.


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